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What we do...

At present we tend to focus on self navigation orienteering style trail events - maps provided and anything from 1 to 10 locations to find. There is no set route that needs to be taken and there are often extra challenges thrown in. You'll need more than just the ability to run fast. These events throw in a mental agility and strategic planning element. 
  1. What skills will I need?
    The maps we use are standard colour odnance survey. A compass is not essential as long as you can orientate a map using landmarks and roads and paths
  2. How fit do I need to be?
    Look at the proposed distance and then treat it like a road race but add a mile for every 5 miles to allow for the terrain and potentially getting lost a little - so if you can run 10km, you'll be OK for a 7 mile trail race.
  3. Can groups enter?
    Many people do these events in pairs or small groups which is fine. Simply enter as individuals but take part as a group - make it clear at the start as there is often a staggered start and you'll want to all start together.
  4. Will I get lost?
    You'll not be venturing more than 3 miles from the start and finish on any of our events, so if you do get lost you shouldn't be too far from safety. We urge everyone to carry a phone just in case and we will come and get you.
  5. Can I practice?
    If you want to improve your map reading skills ahead of an event, please get in touch as we do arrange ad hoc training events where you can become a master navigator ready for your next event.
  6. What are the rules?
    These are low key events so there are no stringent rulebooks to follow, However it is important that we follow the countryside code and respect property and other countryside users at all times - this means sticking to approved footpaths and roads.
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